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Mavericks Celebration Evening
Mavericks Soccer Club is hosting a Club-wide Banquet to bring together all teams, coaches, players, families and Mavericks supporters to celebrate the teams’ spring and fall seasons. The event will be held on Friday, November 18 from 6 pm to 9 pm. at the El Cerrito Community Center located at 7007 Moeser Lane in El Cerrito.

The celebration banquet is the clubs and teams main fundraiser event. Raffle tickets sales and sponsorship sales are shared 50/50 with the respective team. It is a great way to fund raise for your team while supporting the club.

The event will include burritos, salad, drinks, raffle drawing auction items, team/player recognition and a special team participation. Tickets to the event costs $10 but a suggested $20 ticket price is available for those who would like to make a small contribution to the Club.

To confirm you spot all tickets must be purchased before Sunday, November 13th at 8pm, please go to:


Notes from the DOC

It has been an exciting year for me since joining Mavericks! Each day brings new challenges that I thoroughly enjoy and it’s hard to believe how much the club has evolved. What’s Kickin at Mavericks is just another example of how we are changing this soccer club. With this newsletter my aim is to champion all of our Mavericks teams and give the community insight on what our club is doing on and off the field.

As I look back at the first year with Mavericks I really want to focus on what we as a club have achieved, perhaps some of these accomplishments have passed you by. Early in the year Mavericks hosted it’s first college information evening with our very own JT Thomas who educated and informed many of our older Mavericks players and their families about collegiate soccer. This is something we intend to develop and grow for future years. One of the biggest achievements for the organization has been the development of a new Mavericks website. If you haven’t seen it please go ahead and check it out at www.accmavericks.com! We have also increased the clubs social media presence not only do we have a club Facebook, now we have Twitter, Google + and Instagram.

On the field we have been able to implement many positive changes to our teams. With the introduction of new clinics, camps and coaching staff which are designed to expose our players to a wider range of soccer ideas. The club has also been able to apply a successful technical director program with coach Robert Sackey. Robert now works and advises many of our coaches assisting with their players and teams soccer development. Robert has also done a fantastic job at assisting the development of our coaches too. We have also been able to increase team communication through our written mid-season team reviews and end of season end player evaluations. As we look to grow, one area we aim to continue to improve is our communication levels.

As 2016 draws to an end and we look forward to 2017 I want to highlight some important events that you should place into your calendars. Firstly, on November 18th the Mavericks Club Banquet. It's important that we all support this event as we look to make this the cornerstone event for the club. This critical fundraiser helps the club fund our extensive financial aid program and without it, many of our players simply wouldn't be able to play at Mavericks. A few other events to place on your calendars, free winter training clinics starting 12/7, Mavericks Futsal program beginning in January and of course, 2017 tryouts! Expect our 2010-2007 younger tryouts to be held in mid-January, our 2006-2004 tryouts to be held in mid-February and all our 2003 and older tryouts to be held in May 2017.

Thanks to all for making my first year with Mavericks Soccer Club surpass all my expectations, and I look forward to an exciting a successful 2017!

Mavericks Moments
Mavericks Moments highlight some of the many accomplishments our teams and players have recently had. GO MAVERICKS!!!

If you wish to get your team into Mavericks Moment please email doc@accmavericks.com
02 Girls Win 2016 Champions Cup

The 2002 Girls Black team enjoyed a stellar win at the 2016 Champions Cup. The Mavericks girls were taken all the way into overtime in the final. Eventually winning 2-1 vs. IR Academy Storm. Click Here to Read More
05 Boys Blue MVLA Fall Cup Finalists

Congratulations to the Mavericks 2005 Boys Blue team who reached the final of the MVLA Fall Classic. The team had a great Saturday winning both of their games, 7-1 vs. Alpine Strikers and 4-0 against Sunnyvale Alliance. On Sunday the team played against the same team on two occasions firstly in the group game and second in the tournament final. Unfortunately the Mavericks boys missed out the championship losing 1-0 in a very competitive tournament final. Click Here to read more
02 Boys Black Receive ODP Recognition
Congratulations to Jona Birkholzer, Darshan Kamenetzky, Gabriel Bracken-Serra and Kalani Kossa-Rienzi of the Mavericks 01 Boys Black team for making the 2002 ODP Nor Cal State Team. Click Here to read more
05 Girls Black Unbeaten at Kick or Treat
The Mavericks 2005 Girls Black team (PJ Party Mavericks) enjoyed an unbeaten tournament weekend but where unfortunately denied a medal and trophy by the rainy weather. Click here to read more

04 Boys Black Finalists at Adidas Invitational
The Mavericks 2004 Boys Black team traveled to Livermore to play in the Adidas Premier Invitational tournament. The team coached by Chuy Garcia went all the way to the final. Click Here to read more

2007 Boys Black and Blue Teams on a Roll

Both the 07 boys teams are on a roll this fall. The black team have had some impressive results against Mersey SC, Castro Valley and Spurs East Bay.The Blue team are looking strong in their first season at Mavericks. Click Here to read more
Each edition What's Kickin a Maverick will profile a player, team, coach and volunteer or other members of the amazing Mavericks Soccer Club community!

In our first ever Mavericks Spotlight we are pleased to profile Coach Bre Bolerjack, and the 2007 Girls Black team. Bre also coaches the 2004 Girls Blue team.
This is coach Bre Bolerjack's first year with Mavericks Soccer Club and already she has become an influential figure within the coaching staff. Bre coaches the 2004 Girls Blue team and the 2007 Girls Black team, who currently sit top of their fall league. The 2007 girls also just made it into the State Cup semi finals. It looks like it's going to be an exciting end to the season for all of Bre's teams this November and December. Pictured above coach Bre Bolerjack with her Hippy 2007 girls black team at the Sacramento Boo Fest.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Bakersfield California and have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old. I grew up playing competitive club soccer for the Gunners, I played 4 years on my high school varsity team, and then played at Bakersfield Junior College. From there I came up here to the bay area and went to school and played soccer at Cal State East Bay in 2009. I graduated with a BA in Sociology in 2011 and started working with the youth professionally shortly after. I love the bay area and plan to stay here for a while. In my free time I play indoor soccer and love to snowboard in the winter season.

How do you like coaching for Mavericks?

I love coaching for the Mavericks. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I love being a part of the Mavericks community. I have learned a lot from the club and have gained a lot of new skill sets. I am truly enjoying coaching at such a competitive level.

You seem to be an extremely outgoing, positive, fun person. Where does that come from?

I have always been an active and outgoing person since I was young. Growing up I was always involved in multiple sports and extra curricular activities and as an adult, I am still very busy. After college I started working for a non-profit organization called Playworks. I was with them for 4 years and it was here where I gained all of my professional skill sets with the youth and learned the importance of being positive and always creating a fun environment for them. I now work full time for Oakland Unified School District at two elementary schools in East Oakland, running the recess program, PE, and the leadership program.

How is the 2007 Girls Team progressing since you took over as the head coach?

The 2007 girls are progressing with every game they play. It has been a lot of fun watching them grow as young soccer players and watching them learn the fundamentals of the game. You can see how much the girls are enjoying the game right now and that is the most rewarding part as a coach. Yes, winning is great, but watching them fall in love with the game and compete on the field is the best part.

What has made you most proud this season coaching the 2007 Girls Black Team?

I am most proud of the hard work and dedication my girls have put in since the spring season. They come to practice ready to work and have a good time playing together. They apply what we are teaching them at the games and it makes me proud when I see them consciously making an effort to perform the skills and tactics they have been taught at practice.

What is your aim for the rest of the season with the 2007 Girls Black Team?

My aim is to continue to improve as a team and continue to develop the girls individual skill sets and push them to be their best. The girls and myself are enjoying playing together and while we are having a successful season we are also having a lot of fun together. Right now, at this age, I feel having fun and learning about the game is the most important and my aim is to continue the girls on this path. We would love to take first and do well in state cup but ultimately I want the girls to enjoy their time together on the field.
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